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About (Own Your Own)

Own Your Own is a housing promotion powered by Triple-T Premium Estate Limited, a real estate firm operating in Nigeria.

The Own Your Own promotion is a novelty in the Nigerian real estate space.

This unique approach in real estate offers Nigerians the possibility of home ownership through a raffle draw process, a simple yet bold initiative. The promotion was birthed from a philosophy of touching lives one home at a time, by doing what we know best as a real estate firm. We build premium homes and through the Own Your Own promotion, we offer this to the public to be won, via a fair and equal chance process of a raffle draw, by buying tickets to enter each draw at the most inexpensive prize when compared to the actual cost of buying land and building a home.

One brand new house is won by one lucky winner in every 30 days cycle without fail. This gives Nigerians from all walks of life, regardless of social or financial status the opportunity to participate in this promotion for a chance to win and own a premium home in a great location in the Federal Capital Territory Abuja.

Every lucky winner gets total ownership/title of apartment won and reserves the right to rent, sell or move into their apartment. No strings attached, No hidden fees of any kind what so ever. Hence with Own Your Own, you don't just Win a Home, you Own the Home.

Why we want Nigerians to Win and not Buy these homes? To a certain level, the answer is in the question. Not so many Nigerians can buy or build a home worth 15Million naira in an urban center? and for these groups largely cut off from owning real estate, Own Your Own promotion is one option through which they could own a home of their own.

This promotion is only sustained by the active participation of interested Nigerians and by their participation they are actively supporting a movement that is changing lives for the better.

So if your current housing situation is uncertain, making you anxious day in day out, depleting your finances then you need to take action, or even if you are looking to make an investment in the real estate sector and don’t have enough funds for it, you could also try the Own Your Own promotion, as often as you may wish.

The Own Your Own promotion is licensed to run by the National Lottery Regulatory Commission (NLRC) and the Consumer Protection Council of Nigeria (CPC) and runs in strict compliance to their guidelines.

Every month, the raffle draw tickets are collated and the lucky winner vetted by an independent auditing firm (Adenusi & Co.) via a live raffle draw. Ensuring the entire process is totally fair and transparent, also each monthly live draw from the inception has been monitored by officials of the two key regulatory agencies of government, the NLRC and CPC.

Own Your Own promotion is designed to run in phases, each housing development project, is set out as apartment’s blocks of premium-built 2 Bed Room en suite homes. Located within the Kagini District, a suburb along the Kubwa Express Way in the FCT Abuja.

Each phase of the Own Your Own apartment blocks of flat is located in very accessible neighborhood, void of all the noise from hustle and bustle of city life, but within very short commuting distance to the City Center/Business Districts.

Own Your Own apartments are nestled in serene environments with adjourning beautiful garden space and ample car parking space in the property.

Our mission at Triple-T Premium Estate through our flagship promotion, the Own Your Own promotion is a noble idea, that with each passing month we are creating a league of brand-new homeowners.

Our ultimate goal is to keep providing premium homes to Nigerian families via the Own Your Own promotion, creating jobs through our building projects and be able to offer a total of ten brand new homes to be won every 30 days, a total of a hundred and twenty houses being won annually within the next five years.

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