Frequently Asked Questions

How much is own your own promotion Ticket?
Ticket cost 2000 only, note online purchase of tickets may be subject to charges your bank usually collects.
How old must I be to participate
To participate in the own your own home promotion you must be 18years of age.
What's the catch?
None what so ever, you play, your ticket number is picked on draw day – You Win It
Why do you require my Information?
Your details are required, to verify and confirm the winning ticket actually belongs to you, if you are a successful winner.
Can I enter multiple times?
Yes, you can buy as many ticket as you want during each draw.
Can I win more than once?
No, a winner of the Own your Own Home promotion, can only win once, the goal is to give many other persons a chance at winning a home
Can I move in, once I Win and have the keys with all relevant documents of ownership?
Yes, it would be our pleasure to see you take full possession of your apartment
Who can participate?
Nigerians from all walks of life who are resident in or outside Nigeria.
Can I enter by proxy?
No, participant can not enter this promotion, nor win by proxy
What do I win?
A Two Bed room, newly built apartment, with all amenities for a modern living, water heaters, kitchen cabinets, wardrobe, water closets, sinks, etc (no furniture)
What is Ticket Reference Number?
This is the unique number, generated on your ticket at purchase. All raffle tickets have unique reference numbers once purchased before every draw, each ticket in the raffle draw box stands equal chance of being the lucky ticket picked via an open raffle draw.
How Many Draws will be taking place?
A total of 9 draws in the first phase of the promotion, October2018 - June 2019, A total of 12 draws in the second phase of the promotion, June 2019 - June 2020, one raffle draw is held after every 30days, with one lucky new home winner emerging. Join our mailing list for updates on phase 3.
Ticket(s) validity
To participate in each draw, you must purchase ticket(s) for each draw. e:g Tickets for Draw 1, are not entered in Draw 2
Where can I buy Tickets
Own your Own Tickets can be purchased only via the following channels:
  • Securely via our website
  • Onsite at our office located on the property
  • From the Own Your Own ticket outlets. See all here
Can I win an apartment and then sell?
Yes, provided you follow all required processes by law for sales -please see T&C for further details
Are the houses newly built?
Yes, the entire block of flats for Own Your Own Promotion are newly built premium homes. Phase One apartments are newly built and project completed in September 2018. Phase Two apartments are newly built with the project completed in May 2019 by Triple-T Premium Estate Limited. All government levies, duties paid, and all relevant documentation secured.
Can I Visit/Tour the property?
Yes, the property is open for public viewing, staffs of Triple T limited will be available to give guided facility tour. Viewing is open from 9am to 5pm Mondays to Saturdays Only.
Who manages the adjoining Garden?
The adjoining garden is external to the property (see gallery) and is managed by Triple-T limited.
How are the draws conducted?
Each draw is conducted live at the property via a transparent and open raffle draw process using a raffle draw box containing all tickets purchased within the 30days period tickets sales are open. Own Your Own raffle draws are not done via any form of automation. Every draw is managed externally by an independent auditing firm whose responsibility is to collate every monthly tickets and also vet the entire draw procedures. To also meet monitoring and compliance requirements, each monthly draw process is also monitored by officials of The National Lottery Regulatory Commission (NLRC) and the Consumer Protection Council (CPC).
Can my next of kin claim the prize on my behalf if I am unavailable or death occurs before the draw?
In the case of unavailability, the next of kin can be given the keys to the house with a written or vocal permission from the winner of the draw. But the documents of the house can only be given to the winner when he/she is available. In the case of death, the next of kin would be mandated to present a letter of administration from the high court of justice, permitting him/her to claim the prize of the deceased.
Do Staff/Partners of Triple-T Premium Estate Limited participate in the promotion?
Triple-T Premium Estate Limited, management, staffs and their immediate family members, including its associates/partners are barred and not legally permitted to participate in this promotion.
Approval to run the Own your Own Promotion?
This promotion and draws is approved by, National Lottery Regulatory Commission, and Consumer Protection Council.
Who Audits, the Own Your Own promotion and organise each monthly winning draws?
The monthly draws are managed independently by Adenusi & Company an Indigenous firm of Chartered Accountants.
Is the ticket fee refundable?
Once payment is confirmed/received and ticket(s) is/are issued, the fee is NOT refundable. Refer to the Terms and Conditions.
What if I happen not to be present at the draw event and my Ticket Number is the one picked via the Raffle Draw and I am the fortunate Winner of the Apartment?
Immediately the Raffle Draw has been concluded, via an open and transparent process managed by an independent auditor and monitored by the National Lottery Regulatory Commission and a winning ticket is picked, the winning ticket name and number would be announced. We would then publish the Ticket name and number on our website and social media handles so participants and the public can see the winning ticket name and number. All participants will also receive a text message with the winning ticket name and number. We would publicly contact the winner via a phone call to let him/her know he/she has emerged as the winner. This call would be made on our public address system live at the draw event. If a winners phone number is not available, we would call the next of kin's phone number which was provided when buying ticket. All our esteemed participants can be rest assured that we would keep everyone up-to-date. Draw events would be streamed live on Facebook.
When do I get my House Keys and Title documents that gives the complete ownership of my Flat Won?
Where the winner is present at the live draw event. The keys are handed to them instantly and they take possession of their flat. On the next working day, we would hold a signing and hand over ceremony where the winner now gets his or her Winner certificate and Deeds to the flat won (Signed , Seal, Delivered). Winners are at liberty to come with their lawyers to go through the documents before its officially signed by the winner, their witness and Triple-T premium estate limited solicitors. Where a winner is not at the event, we would endeavour to get them to the property same day if they are resident within Abuja. If living outside Abuja, we would ensure the winner arrives Abuja at their earliest convenience to take possession of their apartment won. On arrival, we would hand them the keys and they would also sign and receive their Winner certificate and deeds to the apartment won.
Still have further questions?
You can ask any further question by just calling our customer contact service center on 09060001676 or go to our facebook page and leave your questions and we would provide you with all the answers.
When does the 30 days start in the month,is it from first day to the thirty day of the month?

The 30 days starts counting from when one draw ends / elapses. Thus this means ticket sales for every draw remains open exactly for 30days only.

For Example:
The Own Your Own promotion commenced on -1st October 2018, and between 1st October to 30th October 2018 - the 1st 30days elapsed.
Then the next 30 days starts counting from 31st October and ends 29th November 2018 - and we follow strictly this exact 30days window/cycle from the commencement of this promotion till date,with one lucky home winner emerging during the raffle draw after every 30days period.

See current 30days cycle on our home page

Can a winner swap prize for cash?

Unfortunately no, the houses can not be swapped for cash or any other valuables once they have been won. However, winners can either sell their apartment or rent it out.

To maintain transparency and credibility, Triple-T Premium Estate cannot offer cash in place of the apartment won and can also not buy back an apartment that has been won.

We go against our values and mission if we should ever swap an apartment for cash or buy back an apartment that has been won.

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